New Year New You – 10 week course

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Join first course of 2024 New Year New You

A fantastic way to start your 2024! Get in shape and learn to love the skin you’re in.

This course is 10 weeks long –

  • We will start January 8th right up until March 17th

All you have to do is book on now we then WhatsApp you on December 15th with further instructions. 

For now, Book then sit back and relax.

Keep your eye out on your WhatsApp December 15th

  • *- We need your Full Name?
    *- We need your Email Address?
    *- We need your Mobile Number?
    *- We need your Age? (Must be 18 or older)
    *- We need your Current Weight? (Must be in pounds/lbs)
    *- We need Your Height? (In CM only)

11 reviews for New Year New You – 10 week course

  1. John Chuplis

    Best course about no question with the best people! Everyone is there for everyone in the good and bad days there really is no course like it !!

  2. Leanne Martin


  3. Samantha Allder

    Amazing offer for the year! Feel like I’m investing in my health and fitness for the whole year and it feels great! Been a part of GC for a year , dropped 4 stone and cannot recommend it enough! Let’s go! 💪🏻🦅

  4. Kelly White

    Perfect plan perfect support perfect coaches

  5. Angela Standcumbe

    Been part of GC for a year and dropped 3 stone. Looking forward to the next year to get even fitter, shred those last few pounds and maybe see a few abs popping through

  6. Glen


  7. Katherine

    Haven’t started it yet but hopefully will get some good results

  8. Jo Kettley

    Love that fact I can do at home in my own time, have a baby so can’t nip out to the gym

  9. Joanne

    Haven’t started yet but can’t wait to get started

  10. Mark

    Great course and group

  11. Anna

    Can’t wait to start

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